Supplier Connections

Great People

Great products always pass through the hands of talented artisans. But delivering quality, quantity and doing so consistently, requires more than just artistic talent. We understand that its often not just about great product but great people. 

Strong Partners

Thats why we work with manufacturers that are as robust in their managerial skills as they are in the quality of their products, because reliability requires solid resources and a strong efficiently functioning team. We partner, not just with great customers but also with the right suppliers

Today, our partners are typically quality oriented, stable, willing to work with us and appreciate our business. Some are talented craftsmen. Others are mid-range factories. In some cases, we work with the very top level suppliers, producing for branded household name retailers.  

Extensive Network

Along the way, we created many new relationships and built an extensive network. Having spent years learning to weed out poor suppliers from capable ones, we have traversed a journey that has been and exciting and at times arduous one. Profit from our successes and rest easy knowing our failures were made long ago, so you don’t have to climb that steep learning curve. Leverage these relationships.