• Classic Chinese designs thrive in new materials. Classic Chinese designs thrive in new materials. Using stainless and chrome we recreate a classic chinese antique chair in contemporary form.
  • Color is where its at!

We love materials  ▪  We love color  ▪  We love texture  ▪  We love detail  ▪  We love original


Our vision

We are always dreaming of new things. Its a byproduct of the creative mind. Sometimes we reinvent a classic design that never really went out of style. Other times we update, providing that missing small touch that makes for "just right." We love combining old and new, pulling the past forward into the present with a new life, new materials and even some upgrades.

Your vision

Have a concept you want to develop into a product? We understand the finer points and subtle details of creating reality from your vision. From what materials are best suited to the design, to working drawings, and custom colors and finishes. Share your vision with us and let us walk you hand and hand through the process. To learn more about the specific steps and process for made to order furniture click below.

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Their vision

Many of our partners have their own unique, carefully created designs. We love suppliers like this because it gives us the opportunity to introduce you to more great product. We regularly introduce our customers to unique new designs created by our manufacturing and design partners.