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 ACF works closely with shops, furniture retailers & wholesale importers across the globe and we look forward to working with new customers.  We deal with in a wide range of home décor products, though our core area of focus is solid wood reproduction furniture. We also work with suppliers for lighting, metalwork/stainless steel, artwork, cast iron, marble, porcelain and smaller accessories. Some of our suppliers are major established brands (and their ordering terms are fairly strict as well as restricted by exclusivity agreements in certain geographical areas). Other times, because we are local, we may be able to buy from them since we are consolidating rather doing a full container directly. We operate mainly from Beijing and Guangdong (southern China) though we do have resources in other areas. We can consolidate from each of these areas domestically into a single container. We also do a lot of custom work and help customers to create and produce their own designs.  We try to develop long-term partnerships & exclusive relationships, & we do our best to support our customers. 

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We do not have a printed catalog as we regularly change & add products several times a year. Photos, descriptions and dimensions of most of products are available on this website. For other items, please inquire.



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for interior design customers

Stock Availability 
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For Interior Designers



Stock Availability/Lead Times



ACF Catalog ProductsNon-ACF Cataog Products
All of our products are hand-made & therefore most require a minimum 4 to 6 week lead time. In some cases, we do keep a limited amount of stock, however due to our excetionally wide range of product styles, colors and finishes we often will not have your particular item in stock in the specific color/finish you are requesting.Lead times vary from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the product & manufacturer. Pleae inquire at the time of ordering. 


Note: Lead times are not inclusive of shipping and/or logistics.

Please understand that in some cases, we may be unable able to sell a particular item or a particular manufacturers item in your geographical area as a result of exclusivity agreements. If you are iinterested in exclusivity in your area, please let us know




In order to complete an order, customers will typically need to plan for three types of costs:





A) Product Costs

ACF Catalog ProductsNon-ACF Cataog Products (& consolidated orders)
Prices for products in our catalog are quoted at the trade price. Prices are Ex-factory/Ex-works.For non-ACF vendors,  and/or consolidated orders our fees for handling orders are calculated according to the order complexity and/or container size. They are typically percentage based and may range from 5% to 15% of the total order value. Because each customer's needs, order volume and products vary we ask you to request a quote before placing your order. 


Note: The majority of our products are quoted in Ex-factory/Ex-works prices meaning the price quoted includes the cost of the goods from the factory only. In other words, all other expenses from the factory to buyer's premise must be covered by the buyer (see logistics below) Some of our partners do provide FOB pricing, in which case normally the customer will need to place a full non-consolidated container order from a single supplier.


B) Logistics Costs

All source logistics costs are quoted based on container and/or package size and are expensed back to the customer at their original cost. This includes any local trucking charges, customs declaration fees and/or container packing and loading charges. Depending on how the product prices are quoted (Ex factory or FOB) logistics charges will vary. Because of this, as well as the fact that prices change regularly we ask that you request a quotation in advance of placing your order. Destination logistics charges in the buyers home country are normally the buyers responsibility.


C) Freight Costs

Air/sea shipping costs are expensed back to the customer at the original cost. Customers are free to use their own shipping company or we can suggest one for you.



Minimum Orders  & Payment Terms

Depending on the specific terms of your order, we will require a 35% to 50% deposit. Until the deposit is received orders will not commence &  stock pieces are not considered reserved and may be ordered by other customers.

ACF Catalog ProductsNon-ACF Cataog Products 
For ACF catalog products, there is no minimum quanity per each item/style as long as the total overall order equals a full container. For custom made designs, we may request a minimum of 4 pieces per style.For Non-ACF catalog items, minimum orders vary. Pleae inquire at the time of ordering.




Interior Designers

We work regularly with interior designers & product designers. Custom finishes, unique materialsbuild to spec and fine workmanship are things we understand. Please note that we do have a minimum order of 8,000 USD and we do not offer drop shipping to residences. Hospitality industry and project-based inquiries are welcome. 


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