order and supplier management for importers

We manage

The whole process fro A to Z. Having run a factory ourselves, we work from the inside and understand manufacturers and their processes in way that is difficult to achieve from the outside without years of hands on experience on the ground. And having worked the retail floor ourselves, we know the concerns of the end buyer, from the questions they ask to their considerations of smaller details like functionality and sizing. This gives us a unique perspective that allows us to manage the process from both sides, taking into consideration both the concerns of the retail buyers and the complexities on the factory floor in providing that to them.

After many years on the ground, we are practivally native and while we speak the language, we realize language is often the easiest barrier to overcome. Understanding mindset, expectations and limitations comes requires experience, no matter what language you speak. From quality assurance to independent oversight to clearly communicating, we have got you covered.