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trade customers, furniture importers-exporters

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private individual furniture buyers

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Business Customers

ACF is primarily a "to the trade" company and the majority of our orders are container based. In select situations we do ship LCL providing they meet minimum orders. We offer a wide range of specialist resources for those in the industry.


trade customers, furniture importers-exporters

Trade Customers


ACF works closely with shops, furniture retailers & wholesale importers across the globe and we look forward to working with new customers. We try to develop long-term partnerships & exclusive relationships, & we do our best to support our customers. Click here to find additional information about lead times, minimum orders and terms of sale.

qualified interior designers

Qualified Designers


We work regularly with interior designers & product designers. Custom finishes, unique materials, build to spec and fine workmanship are things we understand. Please note that we do have a minimum order of 8,000 USD and we do not offer drop shipping to residences. Hospitality industry and project-based inquiries are welcome. 


Private Individuals

ACF China is a "To the trade only" company, which means we generally sell to businesses only and not to the general public. Shipping individual items internationally to private residences is both expensive and complex, which is why we suggest private customers to purchase from one of our dealers worldwide. With the resources needed to import product in the volume required to sell items at prices within your budget, they will be able to better able to handle your purchase.  Outside of Hong Kong or China based customers, we do not sell direct to the general public. 


private individual furniture buyers

Private Individuals


To purchase for your home use, please visit one of our furniture & home decor dealers. Because we have such a wide range of unique products, the inventory carried by each dealer may vary. If the item you are interested in is not in stock, your local dealer can order the specified item to be shipped in their next container.  If you cannot locate a dealer in your area, please contact your favorite local furniture or antique store and ask them to get in touch with us. We will be more then happy to assist them.

private individual furniture buyers

Antique Collectors


In select rare situations we do work with private antique collectors. This is usually in the case of higher value relics, porcelain, rare wood furniture, tombware and private sale collections which we from time to time offer. Not that we normally don't ship single pieces of antique furniture to private collectors due to the difficulty and high cost involved in shipping single furniture items and you are best served by contacting one of our dealers. Please note we do not offer free appraisals of antiques and instead we recommend you visit our Facebook group of antique experts and enthusiasts.

hong kong-china customers

Hong Kong / China Individuals


If you are located in Hong Kong or China and wish to buy our products, please contact us.